In the last year, 5 million patients in the UK alone consulted an alternative medicine practitioner. Globally, demand for these treatments is rising sharply as consumers become increasingly aware of its many long-term benefits and as the link with traditional medicine becomes closer. 1 in 8 people now work more than 60 hours a week; 1 in 5 men have visited the doctor regarding stress; stress is costing UK industry £370m per year.


With premium quality products from recognised global leaders and in partnership with both health-conscious companies and local communities, only the Real-Alternative™ will offer such a unique combination of proven and leading-edge health services all under one roof. Today’s pace of life is more stressful than ever before and achieving better health is a goal for everyone, as well as being a key issue for businesses.

Alternative therapies are now proven in complementing existing Western medical treatments for preventing many stress related illnesses and diseases.


Taking advantage of this trend and using the very latest techniques, the Real-Alternative™ offers a comprehensive range of superior-quality holistic and alternative health services to balance mind and body.

So much more than just a beauty spa and dedicated to going far beyond conventional approaches, the Real-Alternative™ is focused on offering preventative health solutions and providing a holistic healing experience for men and women in a prestigious environment.

The Ultimate Experience in Wellbeing
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